Hanging Hacks: Wall Decor

Are you ever nervous about putting unnecessary holes in your walls?  Here, I am providing some quick tips on how to hang a picture using some interesting hacks.  A hammer and nail gets the job done, but those wires and key hooks can be quite tricky.  Stop the search and take the guessing out of hanging wall decor.  Check out these hanging hacks to make the job easier and hassle-free!

1. Use a Fork

After you have secured your nail to the wall, take a fork and stick it on the nail with the handle up.  Then, slide your wire on the fork’s handle and remove the fork.  Straighten your picture and you are done.  No more wire hunting!

2. Grab Some Tape

Have some pesky keyhole hooks?  Want to make sure they line up with the nails in the wall?  Take a strip of masking or blue painter’s tape and place it over the hooks or holes.  Mark or punch a hole in the tape.  Then remove the tape and stick it to the desired place on the wall.  Once settled on the placement, hammer your nails into the wall where you marked or hole-punched.  Voila!  You are ready to hang your picture.

3. Toothpaste

Don’t have any tape for step 2?  Not sure about your placement?  Grab your toothpaste and a wet paper towel for this hanging hack.  Dab a small dot of toothpaste on each of the hooks on the back of frame.  Then, press the photo to the wall where you want to hang it.  Pull away and you will see your toothpaste marks.  Hammer your nails or place your hooks where the toothpaste is.  Then wipe away with the wet paper towel and hang your photo.  This is a great way to play around with placement so if you don’t like where you put the toothpaste, simply wipe away and repeat until you find the perfect spot.

Happy Hanging!

xo Heather

Tips for Packing Back-to-School Lunches

Kids are back to school, which means parents are back to packing lunches.  Whether you go all out with your kiddo’s lunches or are lucky to have a sandwich made and out the door in time, you’re doing a great job MOM!

Here are some simple things that can help making lunch a bit easier in your already busy schedule.

Pack the night before. To make the morning rush less hectic, have lunch ready to go in the refrigerator. Bonus: While cleaning the kitchen, have your child or high schooler pack up their lunch (4 year olds and up are great dishwashers).

Use leftovers.  Make a sandwich out of that chicken you just made for dinner so cleaning up is a breeze and you don’t have to worry about the tupperware taking up space in the refrigerator. 

Cookie Cutters.  Surprise your kid with a new shape each day.  You can have fun with cutting out those PB&J sandwiches into a cute puppy dog or butterfly.  You can even write a note to go with the theme like “Be a Star” with a star-shaped piece of watermelon.

Bento Boxes! This is a must have for school lunches.  Bento boxes have small compartments that help keep the food separated and also an easy-to-see layout on what you are sending to school for your kid’s meal. Some bento boxes even have the labels that tell you what to place in each box so you don’t miss an important food group.  Helpful Hint: Invest in 2 of them so you can have a clean one ready to go when you make lunch and get ahead for the next day.

All in all, do not stress about your kid’s lunches. Pre-plan your week and involve your child in the packing process.  However, when in doubt, you can always bring your kiddo lunch and sit with them in the cafeteria (it will make your kid feel like a rockstar to show you off to their friends).  Save time and energy, and invest in a couple of lunch boxes or bento boxes, so you can have a clean one ready to go when you make lunch and you don’t have to wait to clean it to get ahead for the next day.


Your Chaos Coordinator