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There is nobody that knows your body better than yourself! But do you know how to ‘tap’ into your body and the emotions that you are feeling? Dimple Arora, the founder of Mindful Evolution, sits down to talk about her healing journey and ways that she was able to calm the chaos within through various techniques that she learned over the years. Dimple has evolved her journey and knowledge into the business of helping others along their own journey.

About the Guest:

Dimple Arora is the founder of Mindful Evolution (ME) and the co-host of the I AM MOM Parenting Podcast — each being a parenting movement empowering mothers to create a family environment where everyone can thrive. Dimple is an expert in women and teen girl empowerment, specializing in helping individuals reduce the debilitating effects of stress, anxiety, and childhood programming using mindfulness, nutrition, EFT tapping, and modalities. Dimple is a Certified Life Coach, EFT, and NLP Practitioner, Holistic Nutritionist, and Energy Psychologist. As a previous high school math teacher and the creator of GLOW, a Peer Support and Teen Empowerment Circle, Dimple has a passion for working with tween and teen girls one on one and in a group setting teaching them self-love, positive body confidence, health awareness, and how to be empowered from the inside out. Dimple expanded into this work after she successfully and holistically recovered from fibromyalgia, two hip surgeries, traumatic brain injuries, and childhood trauma. Dimple is speaker and co-author in the best-selling international women’s empowerment book, Simply Woman: Stories from 30 Magnificent Women Who Have Risen Against the Odds. She also holds degrees in mathematics, business, and education and was previously employed in the corporate world.

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About the Host:

Following the crumbs in the chaos is a full time job. As a busy mom of three, a wife to a traveling hubby, and keeping it weird in Austin, Texas, it’s safe to say that my life is never boring. In addition to running my coaching business as C’N’C’s CEO, I’m a certified coach for a premier virtual fitness and nutrition program helping others feel better while sustaining a healthy lifestyle. My mom and dad are thrilled that I’m putting my Exercise Science degree to good use. Along with my experience training pro athletes, S.W.A.T. members, and a high school football team, I gained 10+ years experience as the Director of Marketing building multiple court reporting companies. Lastly, I am a published writer, Content Coordinator, and Account Executive for a publication by Best Version Media. They even gave me a monthly “How to” column where I teach others how to be more self-sufficient with common household tasks. Every woman should know how their home functions and what to do if something malfunctions, man or no man. With my husband on the road, searching “How To” on the internet has transformed me into a “Mommy MacGyver”. “I don’t know how you have the time.” “You’re like a Supermom!” These are common things that people say, but the truth is that life hasn’t always been easy or pretty. Even with the bumps, I always try to find the humor in everything because laughter is good for the soul and you should never take life too seriously….where’s the fun in that?

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